Portrait d'Allan Sutton accordant un piano
Allan Sutton

Piano clicking noises

Is your piano making some clicking noises? Don’t worry, there are solutions!

Le mécanisme du piano à queue: cause des claquements
Piano mechanism: Reasons of clicking

When the air is dry in the studio or in the house, wood shrinks. You can see this phenomenon in winter time on your floors and wood furniture. Obviously, this dry air also affects your piano…

RED: the screws holding the hammer assembly and the whippen may be loose. This simply requires tightening.

GREEN: lead weights inserted into the keys and the damper assembly can be noisy if they are not firmly held. We must crush them a bit more so their expansion eliminates vibration.

BLUE: pivots can be the source of many of those clicks. We must replace the felt bushings or replace the pin with a larger one.

YELLOW: the hammer head itself can loosen.

Also, the roller (9) might be unglued, the keys themselves may touch one another, or on an upright piano, the bridle strap may touch a neighbouring catcher’s rod, etc.

Tightening a few screws and gluing a few hammer heads may be included in a regular appointment, but other issues may take longer to fix … Call us!

(A Dampp-Chaser climate control system can usually prevent these issues.)

Jessica d’Este

The Music of Meaning


Children take
What children take
And with the force
Of nature’s triumphs and mistakes
Become what they become

Rebirth begun in nurture’s wake
Once joy and sorrow are adult
With natural recourse awakes
Sensational reclaim of self
Mothering’s escape

With change of pace
The grace to change
More pain and wonderment to come
Remember death is certain
Art’s remit to make it happen

What goodness comes makes goodness last
Whatever evil put past


A piano, even a small upright, is awfully heavy, but putting it on its back is sometimes necessary.

Need to install new rubber casters to replace the old metal ones that are seized and would ruin the floor ?

With the right tool, one man can manage easily.

In this case, the goal was to install a permanent dolly so the piano could be moved around the room.

Ajout d'un dolly

My thanks to Steve Lecky, Dawson College, Feb. 2011

Today is the launching of the English section of my web site. I am having three pages professionally translated (“services”, “a few tips” and “about us”) and this should be online before the weekend is online now.

For the articles, I am not too sure.  Writing in French, my mother-tongue, is hard enough; would it be wise to translate or write the articles in English myself ? I suppose some reader would graciously advise me of wrong wordings or weird phrasing, even offer a better way to say.

Let’s make it an invitation… and welcome !

My friend has a special relation to the musical score. He scrutinizes it and finds answers, meaning, understanding. His interpretation and his teaching benefit from this curiosity, this study.

When reading the paper edition got too difficult, he had this system installed.

All the music he wants to work on has been downloaded from music-scores.com and is kept locally on the dedicated computer as PDF. The large tv screen hooked up to this computer provides a well-contrasted image that he can enlarge at will with the wireless mouse.

As a bonus, all the internet is available to find an inspiring performance on Youtube or some biographical notes on the composer of the work in progress.