A Zoom Piano Appointment !

In these times of confinement, you may not wish to have a piano tuner/technician come to your home at the moment.

But ….your pedal is making a noise, a note is sticking and you are playing your piano more than ever.

Would you like to have us take a look at it ? Are you comfortable using your phone for a Zoom call ? Are you willing to get your hands dirty ? We can guide you and help you find the source of the problem and find the solution.

First do no harm“- There are many ways you could worsen things if you are not guided. Here’s a first hint: WD-40 should not be sprayed anywhere near or in a piano.

If you need some tools, specialized lubricant or felt and leather, we can help you buy it.

A wise thing to do, if you are considering buying or acquiring a piano, is for us to take a look at it for you.

For a Zoom consultation, use the “Book Now” button below. (Do not use the top right “Schedule Online” button). Available Mondays and Fridays. 45 $ plus taxes

Book an appointment with Piano Technique using Setmore

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