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We serve individuals and organisations in the greater Montreal area and outside. 

For on site services outside the area shown below, depending on your specific location, travel fees may apply. Use the form below to preview those fees.

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When travel fees apply, these special conditions apply as well :

  1. You need to be present at the appointment, in order to confirm that you are satisfied with the work before we leave. Because of the distance, we cannot return free of charge if there is an issue that may have been missed.
  1. We request a deposit of half of the cost be paid prior to our visit.


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We look forward to helping you get the most out of your piano!


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We pamper your piano while we keep you safe

Despite COVID-19, we continue to be able to serve you and help you enjoy playing your piano.

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Of course, we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and technicians:

  • We wear a facemask
  • We desinfect our hands as well as our tools and all surfaces we might have touched on your piano
  • We maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters
  • No contact payment

We appreciate you telling us if you are in self-isolation, returning from a trip, experiencing flu-like symptoms or house someone in quarantine for COVID-19. We would then postpone our visit.

A customized, online consultation

Your pedal is making a noise, a note is sticking and you are playing your piano more than ever; you would like to know if your piano is worth restoring; you are tempted to buy a used piano but hesitate (you should!). In all those situations, an short online consultation may be a practical solution instead or before making an appointment for an on site visit.

For an online consultation, with Facetime, Zoom or any way your prefer, use the “Book Now” button below.  Available Tuesday and Friday. $45 plus taxes

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Our technician recently made an interesting discovery in a client’s piano bench. He found the maintenance manual provided by Yamaha to buyers of a new acoustic piano.

For its acoustic pianos, Yamaha recommends a minimum of one tuning per year and precise adjustments

Knowing the reputation of Yamaha pianos, we were keen to read it. The manufacturer mentions the need for at least one tuning per year (and even two) and for precise adjustments performed by an expert technician. Such work ensures that the piano continues to perform at its best.

Photo PTM
Image PTM

The booklet also contains a wealth of information about the best location in a room for a piano (right acoustics, the need for ventilation, the required distance from windows and the heating system), and consistent temperature and humidity levels (avoid excessive dryness and humidity).

Would you like to know how to clean your piano’s keyboard? The manufacturer provides clear instructions. It also recommends not placing anything on the instrument (aside from music scores and a metronome, of course!). Finally, Yamaha reminds us how an accumulation of dust can be harmful to the hammers and action.

Photo PTM
Image PTM


So if your piano brings joy to you and your family, and you would like to keep it in good condition for a long time, then this document is for you!





At PIANO TECHNIQUE MONTREAL, our ultimate goal is to improve your piano’s condition to increase your joy of playing. 



“A competent and imaginative tuner who restored my piano’s easiness and helped me regain my self-confidence. I thought I was the one regressing…”

-Richard Blais, on Faceboook

Our most popular services


PAMPER YOUR PIANO : Complete 2 h service (fine-tuning, voicing and regulation and annual humidity control system maintenance): $235 

CLEANING AND TUNINGVacuuming the dust, cleaning the soundboard, cavities and keyboard. Polishing the case and the metal when applicable. Tuning: $340  

APPASSIONATO : Full maintenance, two-technician service: Prices on request


Your piano deserves the best possible service

Our courteous approach and high level of expertise allow us to satisfy the most demanding customers who require the best possible service. Whether your instrument needs tuning, repair or adjustment, you can count on our care and attention to detail, which we invest with professionalism in every aspect of our work.

We’re also happy to put our knowledge, expertise and skills at your service if you’re regarding the acquisition, disposal or evaluation of a piano. Piano Technique Montréal will consider your needs and constraints to help you make the best possible choice.

Testimonials from satisfied clients

“Excellent service! Very professional, explained everything very clearly and did a great job too!”

-Kai Lun Z., 06-25-2018

“I gave my piano a full maintenance and the results are simply divine: its great sound is back and the feel is outstanding! ”

-Phuong M-T, 04-09-2018

“My piano sounds so much better after each of their visit – I highly recommend.”

-Christina P., 04-19-2018

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You’ve recently fulfilled a long-held dream and bought your brand-new piano. Congratulations! Of course, with a considerable investment such as this, you want your cherished instrument to remain in its perfect condition as long as possible.

Now you should know that during its very first year of use, your new piano already needs maintenance. Sometimes, piano retailers are shy to mention this important detail, afraid that it would deter buyers… So, when a salesperson tells you that “a new piano won’t need maintenance before a long time,” here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1- Most piano manufacturers recommend two tunings per year.

This recommendation is made not only by piano technicians, but by the piano manufacturers themselves, like Yamaha and Steinway. This ensures the instrument’s stability and increases its longevity. Therefore, when you buy a new piano, make sure your retailer’s after-sales services include at least one free tuning during the initial year of use.

Magasin pianos neufs

Source: Gryffindor, Steinway-Haus Wien

2- Your new piano will need a running-in maintenance after some time.

One should remember that a piano is made of wood, a living material that keeps on “working” for some years. It is not unusual to see some hammer shanks slightly twist over time, and consequently, these hammers won’t perfectly hit the three strings any more. If not repaired early, this small misalignment may eventually cause bigger damage to the hammers, becoming more difficult and costly to fix.

Marteaux piano récent

Source: PTM

3- Your new piano will be as sensitive to fluctuating humidity levels as older pianos.

Whatever its age or condition, no music instrument made largely of wood will resist to the detrimental effects caused by fluctuating humidity levels, from very dry during our cold winters to highly humid during hot summers. Every trustworthy piano retailer will warn you about this!

Fissure table d'harmonie piano récent

Cracked soundboard in an almost new piano. Source : PTM.

Nevertheless, some retailers will not insist on installing a humidity control system in your piano since this represents an additional expense that you didn’t plan for.

But it is never too late to do the right thing! Once your beloved piano benefits from a microclimate with a constant level of humidity from season to season, you’ve already helped to extend its life and protect your investment.

Schedule an appointment online OR call us at 514 344-8008.


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