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Piano clicking noises

Is your piano making some clicking noises? Don’t worry, there are solutions!

Le mécanisme du piano à queue: cause des claquements
Piano mechanism: Reasons of clicking

When the air is dry in the studio or in the house, wood shrinks. You can see this phenomenon in winter time on your floors and wood furniture. Obviously, this dry air also affects your piano…

RED: the screws holding the hammer assembly and the whippen may be loose. This simply requires tightening.

GREEN: lead weights inserted into the keys and the damper assembly can be noisy if they are not firmly held. We must crush them a bit more so their expansion eliminates vibration.

BLUE: pivots can be the source of many of those clicks. We must replace the felt bushings or replace the pin with a larger one.

YELLOW: the hammer head itself can loosen.

Also, the roller (9) might be unglued, the keys themselves may touch one another, or on an upright piano, the bridle strap may touch a neighbouring catcher’s rod, etc.

Tightening a few screws and gluing a few hammer heads may be included in a regular appointment, but other issues may take longer to fix … Call us!

(A Dampp-Chaser climate control system can usually prevent these issues.)