We may provide accessories for your piano during our tuning and maintenance appointment. Here are some examples, including installation when necessary. All prices are before sales taxes.

Piattino caster cups

Coupelles Piattino en fini nickel ou laiton massif
Piattino in nickel finish or solid brass

With their sound-absorbing qualities and great design, Piattino caster cups are well-suited to both upright and grand pianos. This high-end product will also enhance your piano’s appearance. Available in solid brass ($70/ea.) or nickel finish ($87/ea.)

Solid wood caster cups

Coupelles en bois en fini noir, acajou, noyer ou naturel
Wood caster cups in black, mahogany, walnut or natural finish

These caster cups will protect the floor under your piano’s wheels and allow you to move your instrument more easily in the room. Designed for all types of pianos. Available in several finishes : natural ($18.50/ea.), satin black, mahogany, walnut ($20/ea.) and high-gloss black ($23/ea).


Pad treatment bottles

Seuls les produits de la marque Dampp Chaser conviennent au système Piano Life Saver.

If your piano is equipped with a humidity control system, add only Dampp Chaser Pad Treament to the water in your humidifier to keep strings and metal parts in the piano from corroding. Bottles available in two sizes: 8 oz. (227 ml) for $13,20 or 16 oz. (455 ml) for $20.40.



Products for furniture and keyboard care

CoryCory offers a complete range of products for cleaning and polishing keyboards as well as high-gloss and satin finishes.  Details and prices on request.






Other specialized accessories

Many other accessories may enhance your comfort at the piano or your instrument’s longevity: a string cover for grand pianos, protective covers, high-end benches, grand piano trucks, etc. Details and prices on request.

SONY DSCUn beau piano équipé d'une couverture de cordesBanc tournant