Tuning and regular maintenance

Worry-free service for your piano

Do you care about your piano’s condition? Would you like a more joyful experience when playing it? Entrust the tuning and maintenance of your instrument to our team of professional technicians and accomplished musicians.

Maintaining your piano is much more than simply tuning it at regular intervalsAccord et entretien régulier

When we tune your piano, our goal is to enrich its tone and improve its playing accuracy. Since your piano’s action is very sophisticated, we take time to check every parameter affecting its sound and your playing comfort.

Do the pedals squeak? Do some keys stick? Is your piano’s music stand barely able to support the weight of your music or is your bench  about to give way while you’re practicing? Our technician will do his best to reduce these kinds of hassles which can affect your motivation to practice.

Our service also includes helpful advice and explanations

At the end of his visit, our technician will provide you with a detailed list of all the improvements made to your piano as well as his recommendations on future maintenance. We will keep a copy for follow-up to ensure that your instrument will get the best care possible throughout its life!

Here are our most popular services:

PAMPER YOUR PIANO : Complete 2-hour service (fine tuning, regulation, voicing and annual maintenance of the humidity control system if applicable) $245 (before taxes).

CLEANING AND TUNING : (Vacuuming the dust, cleaning the soundboard, cavities and keyboard. Polishing the case and the metal when applicable, tuning) $355 (before taxes).

FULL MAINTENANCE : Our full 6.5-hour maintenance service by our team of two technicians. We recommend this in-depth maintenance of your piano every 5 years or so. Prices on request.