Piattino Caster Cups


One of our clients lives in a magnificent apartment with an outstanding view and… neighbours.

We installed Piattino Caster Cups under her piano’s wheels and since then, she plays piano with much more ease and tranquillity. Thanks to a rubber ring isolating the floor side from the piano side, these special cups block, to a certain extent, the piano’s vibrations transmitted through the floor to neighbouring apartments.

La coupelle Piattino
Piattino Caster Cups

The felt stuck under the cup also protects the floor and allows you to slide the piano easily when you move it around.

Un piano équipé des coupelles Piattino
A piano equipped with Piattino Caster Cups

Moreover, these cups barely raise the piano. Pedals remain at a comfortable height while allowing enough room for a carpet under the pedalboard for the pianist’ feet. These cups are high-quality, made in Germany and their efficient design will also add a touch of elegance to your piano.

Piattino Caster Cups fit all types of pianos

Piattino caster cups are as perfect for upright as for grand pianos. They are available in solid brass or nickel finish.

Piattino nickel

Installation included with tuning and maintenance service.

Product offered for a limited time.


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