Our services

We provide piano maintenance and tuning services to individuals and institutions in the greater Montreal area. We’re also happy to apply our knowledge, expertise and skills if you wish to acquire, sell or evaluate a piano. Piano Technique Montréal will consider your needs and constraints to help you make the best possible choice.

Whether your instrument needs tuning, repair or regulation, you can count on our care, attention to detail and professionalism that is apparent in every aspect of our work. Therefore, we invite you to share your questions, comments and expectations with us.

Our regular fees and methods of payment

  • $245 Complete 2 h service (fine-tuning, voicing and regulation and annual humidity control system maintenance)
  • $355 Cleaning and tuning (Vacuuming the dust, cleaning the soundboard, cavities and keyboard. Polishing the case and the metal when applicable, tuning)

We accept debit and credit cards and electronic fund transfers.

A few hours of work can transform your piano

Sticking keys, as well as creaking pedals and other unwanted sounds are issues that can often be easily corrected. Tightening bench bolts, lubricating the escapement, regulating back checks and capstan buttons, sanding hammers and doing voicing refinement are typical improvements that will enhance your enjoyment and motivation.

Making an appointment is easy at www.pianoappointment.ca

Testimonials from satisfied customers

”While my piano is always a pleasure to play, it has, since Allan completed a tune-up and harmonization, acquired an indescribable quality. As such, it’s hard to put into words. The keys are more responsive, the notes softer, and the tones richer and clearer with an improved harmony. The keys invite my touch, they feel more gentle, all of which is reflected in a gorgeous sound, which is terrific, at least, to my ears! Allan’s reputation is the result of decades of experience, combined with an ultra sensitivity to technique and sound, an intricate knowledge of the mechanics and acoustical properties of pianos and a profound respect for the art of music.” – Adena Franz (10-2020)

“These technicians are fantastic! They improved the sound of the piano, not just tuned it. They provided good advice and really know their job. The service they offer is more than adequate! I recommend them on trust.”  – Christine Bédard (06-2018)

“Impeccable job and sound advice that will be very useful in the future. Courteous and highly professional contact. I heartily recommend this company for their top-notch work. Undoubtedly five stars!” Courteous and highly professional contact.  – Jean Desjardins (01-2018)


Area served

Outside this area, travel fees and other conditions may apply.

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